Perfect Bound Book Printing!

Perfect Bound Book Printing

An inside look into the perfect binding process at BookBaby.

Choosing the right book binding is as important as any other decision you make for your book. Your cover’s finish, your paper stock, and even your trim size—it’s the little things that add up to a unique book that’s reflective of your work. You put your heart and soul into your novel, so make sure that it’s printed in the most sensible style for you and your readers.



In book printing terminology, what exactly is perfect bound binding or a perfect bound book?


All softcover books use perfect bound binding. In the perfect binding process, the cover and pages of the book are glued together at the spine and then the edges are “perfectly” trimmed to give your book its sharp, even edges. Perfect bound books are lightweight, flexible, and sleek. Often referred to as paperback books, they are usually very durable, stack well, and can be printed in short runs. They are more affordable than hardcover or “case bound” books, and are the most economical option for Print On Demand.



Why you should choose perfect binding for your book


There’s nothing quite like the feeling of a sleek, lightweight paperback novel in your hand. Perfect binding is a popular choice for fiction books across various genres such as romance, mystery, and fantasy. Perfect bound book printing is also often preferred for creative non-fiction, children’s literature, business books and graphic novels.

Because perfect binding is more cost-efficient than case binding, authors are able to print more books that can be distributed to the most prominent literary retailers, both in-store and online. Also, the back of the binding is cut evenly and square, so title information can be printed prominently on the spine, helping your book standout on the shelf.



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