Pick up the book and start by dropping the phone

Nowadays, many people are more and more inseparable from mobile phones. They watch mobile phones in class, eat mobile phones, watch mobile phones by car, watch mobile phones before going to bed, and they will sit on the phone when they try not to use them. The mobile phone is no longer a small iron box, or an electronic opium that can control our physiology.
Ask yourself, because you can’t put down your phone again and again, how many flags did you break the night before? Before going to bed, you make up your mind: You must go to the library to get up early tomorrow, and you will not be able to sleep until 3 or 4 in the morning.
Because of mobile phones, we have long neglected a lot of people and things. Because of mobile phones, we become lazy, become “blocked”, become dull, become inferior, sometimes even pick up a pen but forget the writing of a certain word, but also need : The mobile phone uses the input method to figure out how to write.

Pick up the book (1)

How long have you not read a book well?
You may say: I have been watching all the time. I have paid a lot of attention to gongzhonghao in my mobile phone. The articles inside are very classic. I also have a lot of listening software on my mobile phone, and I can listen to books anytime, anywhere.
Then ask: Do you remember what they are talking about? Can you benefit from it? It’s probably a glimpse.
There is a truth, I think everyone has heard it: Nothing to read more, there are not a few that can really be done.

Pick up the book (2)

A mentor in college, he often warned us to read more. He said that he was busy and tired during the day, and in the evening he would put down his mobile phone and go to the study to read the book quietly.
When he shared with us his reading experience or life experience in class, our whole class will listen to it very seriously. It is really he talks and talks, we concentrate. Every time I listen to his sharing, we will benefit a lot, and then we can continue to go to the library to study for a long time.

Why I have never read a book because I don’t have enough control over my phone. There used to be a long time, I was crazy with the mobile phone: the king can play until 11:25 in the evening, read the novel can see two or three in the morning.

Pick up the book (3)

Eat and watch mobile phones, walk to see mobile phones, go to the toilet and watch mobile phones. Why am I so obsessed with mobile phones? Probably as people say: People are lonely, so I always think that I can seek a little comfort from my mobile phone, but the result is more Playing with a mobile phone, the heart feels empty.
Later, I really couldn’t stand my own decadence, and I started to force myself to put down my mobile phone. I discovered that sometimes I can do a lot of things when I put down my mobile phone. Every time I finish one, my heart is especially satisfying and practical.

At the beginning, I picked up a book. If I didn’t read 10 pages, I would be sleepy. Then the insomnia that I usually play with my mobile phone was directly cured. I could sleep with a pillow. After a period of time, I can concentrate on watching for an hour. Later, I can read the two or three hours of books with gusto, and occasionally do some reading notes.

Pick up the book (4)

If I tell you that you can get a lot of reading through hours and days of reading, it is a fake, but the sentiment is definitely not less. Although the content of the book is not as colorful as the mobile phone, even it seems more boring, but what we can learn is real.
Gorky said that “books are the ladder of human progress.” This is not a false statement. Reading can not only calm your impetuous heart, but also make your spiritual world more full.
For example, Dong Qing, who has a poetry and poetry since the beginning of his life, Wang Han, a true gentleman of the book, is a good example of persistence in reading. In their words and deeds, they always reveal a “book smell” that is emitted from the inside out.Pick up the book (6)

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